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June 2023

Who are we?

The Central California Writing Project is a professional development organization affiliated with the National Writing Project and California Writing Project.  Our extensive network of teacher-consultants are dedicated to improving the teaching of writing in Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties through a range of diverse professional learning experiences for teachers of all levels.

What do we do?

The Central California Writing Project promotes exemplary instruction of writing in every classroom.  We offer a variety of programs and professional learning opportunities that support ongoing conversations among educators– in different school contexts– and with a diversity of students at all levels—from kindergarten through university—on the theory and practice of teaching writing.

Why are we important?

The Central California Writing Project believes that teachers deserve to participate in high-quality educational experiences that are teacher-driven and context-relevant; designed to suit the needs of teachers’ individual students, classrooms and schools. Our organization can support you in designing or participating in professional learning that best suits your unique needs and goals.


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What’s new

  •   Our Central California Writing Project Principal Investigator, Professor Emerita Judith Scott – UCSC Education Department, received two acknowledgements of her outstanding contributions to the literacy community this year....

  •   When the Mission Bells Rang Written by CCWP’s PI, Judith Scott in conjunction with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. This imagined tale envisions how animals and the Amah Mutsun people tried to foil the ringing of the Mission Bells....

  • Central California Writing Project Writing Matters! Giving Day November 2, 2022 The Central California Writing Project supports the development of anti-racist and culturally sustaining pedagogies with a focus on writing instruction. We need your help to provide professional learning for pre-K–University educators in Santa Cruz,......

  • Re-Imagining Civics Education The UCSC Education Department, the Central California Writing Project, and the History & Civics Project at UC Santa Cruz are excited to invite you to this in-person event on May 7th for K-16 teachers of all disciplines and school administrators. Together, we......

Thank you!

DONATE NOW!  Central California Writing Project.  Please contact the CCWP office at 831-45-4506 and or send a check to Central Calfornia Writing Project, UCSC, Education Department 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.

Central California Writing Project dedicated to excellence in professional development.
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