Frequently asked questions about the CCWP

Q: Is the CCWP some kind of creative writing group?
A: Not exactly, although we do do creative writing! The Writing Project is focused on helping educators improve the way they help students become better writers. One way we do that is by supporting teachers in their own writing through a Writing Response Group, so they can examine the processes they utilize to develop their own writing. They then can transfer these learning experiences into their own classrooms.

Q: Is it only for English teachers?
A: Not at all! We strongly believe that all schools must develop a school-wide writing curriculum in order for students to fully harness the power of learning to write and writing to learn.

Q: Is it mainly for college teachers?
A: No, the #1 strength of the NWP approach is in its K-U articulation. We believe that by creating a collaborative supportive group of educators dedicated to best practices in writing instruction across the continuum, we can effect meaningful, community-wide change.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: For the Invitational Leadership Institute: your time and energy, in exchange for which you are paid a professional stipend. Some events have fees, some programs have stipends, but all bring the benefits of collaboration and expanding our personal learning networks.

Q: So how do I get invited to the Invitational Leadership Institute?
A: Email us for the application forms to get you started!