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August 2022

Annual Spring Mini Conference 2021 (Virtual)

UCSC Education Department MA/C Program & Central California Writing Project

Annual Spring Mini-Conference

Online Zoom Conference April 17, 2021 from 10 – 11 AM

Becoming A Reflective Practitioner

Inquiry and Equity: Teaching Writing That Matters

Keynote Speaker Louann Baker, CCWP Director

Asynchronous – Complete before 10 am on April 17, 2021

Part 1: View the video above of Louann Baker Director of CCWP.

Part 2: Complete a reflective writing piece.

You may view this video any time prior to April 17, 10:00 (allowing time to reflect and complete a brief reflective writing piece, described below).

  1. Reflect on the Louann Baker  keynote video
  2.  Consider what you are learning this year that you will carry forward into your first year of teaching
  3.  In a brief reflective writing (suggestion is 1-2 pages, double spaced; for yourself only), discuss some of the key ideas and experiences you are considering using for BAE Prompt 4 (see below)

BAE Prompt 4: Developing as a Self-Reflective Professional

– Reflecting on the entirety of your teacher education experience, what kinds of tensions and contradictions did you encounter between the ideal and the real practices of teaching?

– What resources and experiences have helped you develop as an educator thus far and how might you draw from those resources to continue to thrive in the future as an educator?

– How will you challenge yourself intellectually, creatively, and professionally going forward in order to foster the commitments, principles, and understandings that you have discussed in this essay?

– Reflecting on the current educational contexts raised in prompt 1, your principles of teaching addressed in prompt 2, and the vision of learning and teaching in Prompt 3, how will you address the elements of the social justice wheel (advocacy/activism, consciousness, community, connections, experiences, perspectives, and critical lens) in your teaching practice?

Synchronous: April 17, 10-11 am

CCWP Teacher Leaders will facilitate conversations

    • Reflection on the keynote video
    • What you are learning this year that you will carry forward into your first year of teaching
    • Key ideas and experiences you are considering using to address BAE Prompt 4

Please Contact Esperanza Zamora for more information at

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