District Programs

District Programs

CCWP completed several  district level programs in 2013-14 including:

1) ALLIES, the Alliance for Language and Literary Instruction Effecting Standards,  is an Improving Teacher Quality Program designed to help middle and high school teachers in Pajaro Valley Unified School District prepare students for the rigor of college and career work through a focus on analytical reading and writing, as required by the new Common Core State Standards. Educational leaders from UCSC Central California Writing Project, the UCSC Writing Program and Education Departments, PVUSD, and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education have joined together with teachers  in a joint effort to improve student achievement in English Language Arts and in writing across the curriculum.

2) In the Gonzales Unified School District, CCWP is collaborating with Math, Science, History, and ELA teachers at Gonzales High School.  During monthly workshops, teachers read and discuss current research on literacy instruction and analytical writing; write journal reflections and write to prompts in order to understand their own reading, thinking and writing processes; analyze and discuss the CA Common Core literacy standards to learn how to use the academic language, content knowledge and the skills to design curriculum and instruction that includes high expectations for all students; learn strategies for teaching critical reading and analytical writing, embedding these strategies into curriculum and instruction, and determining what is difficult for students to understand; assess student writing in protocols, using formative assessment tools to make instructional choices and to evaluate the efficacy of instructional choices; gather and use texts, prompts and student writing models; and discuss how to articulate skills and strategies based on the CA Common Core Standards across grade-levels and across disciplines.






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