Nancy Harray

Nancy Harray finally “graduated” with the high school class of 2005 after more than twenty years at Monterey High School. Her retirement package includes teaching one section of English a semester at Monterey Peninsula College, conducting professional development with the Central California Writing Project (CCWP), serving on the CCWP leadership team, and goading herself to publish a children’s book that began seven years ago as a birthday book for her grandson, who is now fourteen.

Current Inquiry Project:


Improving Students’ Habits and Skills in an Entry Level Community College Class

I am increasingly concerned about my students’ failure to complete homework assignments because I believe they must develop that habit to be successful postsecondary students. In fact, habits seem more critical than skills in this class, so this inquiry will address both habits and skills.

Why don’t more English 301 students complete homework reading and writing?

What would encourage them to complete the reading?

What should the students and I do to improve students’ written responses to homework reading, both as homework and in class?

Which intervention strategies are most helpful?

How will improvement be measured?

What suggestions do workshop teachers have for answering the inquiry questions?