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2020 Invitational Leadership Institute (ILI) for PreK-University Educators of All Disciplines OUR INSTITUTE THIS YEAR is for NEW PARTICIPANTS AND  for RETURNING FELLOWS/TEACHER CONSULTANTS! The CCWP Invitational Leadership Institute is a K-University community of educators that teach writing in our region’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. We celebrate teacher...

Annual Spring Mini-Conference Inquiry and Equity: Teaching Writing that Matters CCWP: Teacher Consultants Discipline-Focused Workshops Workshops will include strategies and resources for elementary and secondary teachers of Math, Science, History/Social Science, and English Language Arts. Please contact Esperanza Zamora for more information at

The mission of the Central California Writing Project is to improve the teaching of writing and improve learning in California schools. Through its professional development model, the Central California Writing Project recognizes the primary importance of teacher knowledge, expertise, and leadership. The Central California Writing Project...

  TGIF  with the Central California Writing Project Friday, Nov 30, 2018, from 4 to 6 pm Join us and find out How to bring the professional development you want to your school When the CCWP is offering open programs for any teacher What is CCWP teacher consultant Elkhorn...

Central California Writing Project Writing Rocks! Support improvement in writing instruction and in student writing and literacy learning. Giving Day February 27, 2019   When Don Rothman founded the Central California Writing Project in 1977, he wanted to "provide a space for sustained, difficult, and courageous dialogue about...

We have lost the founder of the CCWP, Don Rothman,  whose tireless work for literacy education as social justice marked the CCWP and the Oakes College as safe places to debate, think, and change our minds.  Don was a dreamer and a fighter. Don Rothman, CCWP...

The Common Core State Standards are influencing how teachers teach literacy throughout the United States.  Our professional development team is well-versed in helping teachers use the CCSS as the foundational framework for their writing and critical reading program.  

CCWP is at the forefront of the National Writing Project's efforts at Making Learning Connected. We conducted one of only three Face-To-Face groups which met throughout the Summer 2013 CLMOOC. Those efforts continue as NWP launches the Third Summer of In the spirit of Connected Learning,...