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CCWP offers a variety of programs in which teachers can participate and learn from our network of teacher consultants and each other.

Invitational Leadership Institute & Advanced Institute

Programs and Conferences

Young Writers Program

The goals that follow are at the heart of every CWP program:

  • Prepare students for the work of writing—in school and college, in the workplace and community
  • Emphasize instructional approaches for developing the writing and reading skills of English learners
  • Support teachers as they prepare students to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), English Language Development (ELD) standards, and state content standards

Support for Common Core State Standards and English Language Development Standards:

CCWP programs build knowledge of CCSS-aligned instruction and assessment, integrate CCSS into school writing programs, and place discipline-specific literacy at the core of teacher support. Programs also focus on connecting ELD standards with CCSS to support access, rigor, and differentiation for English learners, as well as on strengthening the learning connections between home and school.

Digital Writing, Teaching, and Learning:

CCWP provides programs that link technology-mediated instruction and assessment to the CCSS, strengthen student learning by developing 21st century skills, and address media literacy.

Invitational Summer Institutes and Advanced Leadership Institutes:
Our semi-annual Invitational Leadership Institute is for experienced writing teachers from all disciplines. To prepare for leadership roles, teachers demonstrate their most effective classroom practices, review research, and improve their knowledge of writing by writing themselves. After the Institute, these teacher consultants join the CCWP professional development cadre.



Open Program Workshops:
During our CCWP conferences and other Open Program workshops, facilitators lead teachers to write, experience writing process approaches to the teaching of writing, read current research on the teaching of writing, examine student writing, and make plans to adapt teaching strategies for their own classrooms.


College and Career Readiness: Improving Students’ Analytical Writing and National Writing Project College-Ready Writers Program
This statewide program focuses on accelerating the analytical writing and critical reading improvement of all students and fosters collaboration among high school, community college, and university instructors to prepare students for college and career readiness.

Young Writers Programs
The Young Writers Programs offer students a unique opportunity to develop their writing talents. Students receive specific writing instruction and conference individually with staff to build and reinforce their writing skills. These programs provide in-depth writing instruction, extended periods of writing time, flexibility in writing projects, and daily time to share writing with peers.

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