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September 2021

Selected Publications for Cindy Cruz


2016 When Does Resistance Begin: Queer Latino Youth and the Infrapolitics of the Street. In Gilberto Conchas (Ed) Cracks in the Schoolyard: Confronting Latino Education Inequality (131-143). New York: Teacher’s College Press. (Jan 11 2016)
2016 On Ethnography of Surveillance: A Commentary. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 47(1), 96-99.
2015 “I walked all the way back to L.A.”: Thinking about queer youth migration. Anthropology News (May 20 2015)
2015 Notes on Crossing Disciplinary Borderlands: Anzalduan Pedagogies and a Defense of Experiential Knowledge.  El Mundo Zurdo: Proceedings from the 7th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa. San Francisco: Third Woman Press.
2013 LGBTQ street youth doing resistance in infrapolitical worlds. In K. Wayne Yang and E. Tuck (Eds.) Youth Resistance Research and Theories of Change (pp. 209-217). New York: Routledge. To be reprinted in Maria Lugones and Patrick Crowley (Eds.) Decolonial Thinking: Resistant Meanings and Communal Other-Sense. Decolonizing Feminisms: Antiracist and Transnational Praxis Series. Seattle: University of Washington.
2013 LGBTQ youth of color video making as radical curriculum: A brother mourning his brother and a theory in the flesh. Curriculum Inquiry 43(4), 441-460.
2012 LGBTQ street youth talk back: A meditation on resistance and witnessing. QSE: The International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 24(5), 547-558.
2012 Making curriculum from scratch: Testimonio in an urban classroom. Equity & Excellence in Education, 45(3), 460-471. To be reprinted in Dolores Delgado Bernal, Rebeca Burciaga, and Judith Flores Carmona (Eds.) Chicana/Latina Testimonios as Pedagogical, Methodological, and Activist Approaches to Social Justice. New York: Routledge.
2012 I Grew Up “Undoing” Colonized Gender. In Rose Burunda and Melissa Moreno (Eds.) Speaking From the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina and Native American Women. (Pp. 121-124). Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt Press.
2011 Alarcón, W., Cruz, C., Guardia Jackson, L., Prieto, L., Rodriguez-Arroyo, S. Compartiendo nuestras historias: Five testimonios of schooling and survival. Journal of Latinos and Education, 10(4), 369-381.
2010 Book Review of G. Ochoa’s Learning from Latino Teachers. Chicana/Latina Journal, 9(2), 56-61.
2008 Notes on immigration, youth and ethnographic silence: Stories of LGBTQ migrant youth. Theory into Practice, 47(1), 67-73.
2007 At one time, Fontana was the working class Eden. In I. Killoran and K. Pendleton Jimenez (Eds.), Unleashing the Unpopular: Talking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Education (pp. 34-37). MD: Association for Childhood Education International.
2002 With McLaren, P. Queer bodies and configurations: Toward a critical pedagogy of the body. S. Shapiro and S. Shapiro (Eds.) Body Movements: Pedagogy, Politics, and Social Change (pp. 187-207). Creskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press.
2001 Toward an epistemology of a brown body. QSE: The International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 14(5), 657-669.  Reprinted in 2013 Antonia Darder and Rudy Torres (Eds.) Latinos and Education: A Critical Reader (pp. 189-201). New York: Routledge; and in 2006 Alejandra Elenes, Dolores Delgado-Bernal, Francesca Godinez, and Sofia Villenas (Eds.) Chicana/Latina Education in Everyday Life: Feminista Perspectives on Pedagogy and Epistemology (pp. 59-76). New York: SUNY Press.
2000 High School, Lesbian and Gay. In B. Zimmerman (Ed.) Lesbian Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia (pp. 365-367). New York: Garland Press.
1998 With Tanaka, G.  The locker room: Exoticism and eroticism in a polyphonic text. QSE: The International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11(1), 137-153.
1993 Queers in Aztlán: A narrative.  Alchemy: A Literary Journal of Chicano and Latino Arts, 1(3), 11-15.


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