T.G.I.F. with Central California Writing Project

T.G.I.F. with Central California Writing Project


When?  Friday, November 3, 2017,  From 4 – 6 pm

Where? Elkhorn Yacht Club 2370 Hwy 1, Moss Landing

Why? to find out why teachers say, “Wow!  That was the best (workshop, prof. dev., summer institute, conference) I ever experienced.  Will there be More?

  Find out  –


  • how to bring the professional development you want to your school
  • when the CCWP is offering open programs for any teacher
  • how you can become a CCWP teacher consultant
  • why Moss Landing is a destination with beaches, trails, and fine restaurants…

Contact Nancy Harray, nancy.harray@gmail.com or Melissa Ackerman, melacker@gmail.com, for more information.

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