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November 2022

Young Writers Workshop: World-Building and Character Creation 

Young Writers Workshop: World-Building and Character Creation 

World-Building and Character Creation 

Entering Grades 6 – 8 in Fall 2022

Dates: June 6–10, 2022     

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Do you love to draw and invent characters? Do you imagine strange and wonderful worlds? We will share our characters, their worlds, their allies and their foes. We’ll help one another consider what our characters want and need, what their secrets are, their flaws, and what gets in the way of what they want or need. We’ll write scenes focusing on in-the-moment action, sensory detail, and dialogue, and we’ll play with the elements of plot. We’ll use some of the resources from the NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program so that if you get inspired, you might join the Summer Writing Program in July or the National Novel Writing Month in November. 



Construyendo Mundos y Creando Personajes

Entrando a grados 6 – 8 en otoño 2022

Fechas: 6 – 10 de junio, 2022 

Hora: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


¿Le encanta dibujar e inventar personajes? ¿Imagina mundos extraños y maravillosos? Compartiremos nuestros personajes, sus mundos, sus  amigos y enemigos. Nos ayudaremos a considerar lo que nuestros caracteres desean y necesitan, cuáles son sus secretos, sus defectos y que les dificulta alcanzar sus deseos y necesidades. Escribiremos escenas que se enfocan en acción en el momento, detalles usando los sentidos, diálogo y consideraremos los elementos de temas para novelas completas con muchos “que sucedería si…”. Usaremos recursos del programa NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program.  Quizás esto le inspirará a participar en el Programa de Escribir en el Verano Summer Writing Program en julio o de participar en el Mes Nacional de Escritura de Novelas (National Novel Writing Month) en noviembre.


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The Central California Writing Project at UC Santa Cruz recognizes that writing is a tool and inspiration for the broad expression of and conversations about ideas and opinions. Teachers facilitating our programs make every effort to provide an environment that allows for all opinions and ideas to be shared, within the context of appropriate audience.

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